About TDK-Lambda

Environmental Activities

Environment Philosophy

We protect the earth by taking care of nature and limited natural resources. This is responsibility of all the people of the world. TDK-Lambda declares that preserving the earth's environment is a top priority. We will deal with the issues across the board and each of us participates in the activity as a member of the community.

Green Procurement

With the objective of supplying products with minimal environmental impact, TDK-Lambda is promoting design and manufacturing of products with reduced environmental impact (environment-conscious products) in our whole manufacturing process activities including material suppliers and assembly subcontractors.

To ensure the proper promotion of such activities, we conduct surveys on suppliers' environmental and other activities, review information on environment related substances used in procured materials, and through the latest "TDK-Lambda Green Procurement Standard", we conduct surveys of green procurement.

Green procurement is not possible without the cooperation of suppliers. Accordingly, we would like to ask for your kind understanding of our green policies, your support and cooperation.

RoHS Compliance, China RoHS, REACH/SVHC

TDK Group Policy on Conflict Minerals

Manufacturing plants worldwide are ISO 14001 certified

In order to improve the corporate environmental management system, ISO 14001 certification is an essential aspect. Its importance is constantly growing, not only in Japan but also overseas. TDK-Lambda has achieved ISO 14001 certification also for all of its manufacturing sites outside of Japan.