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Research & Development

Creating New Products Looking Ahead to the Next Generation
by Combing State-of-the-Art Technology of the TDK Group

Synergy with TDK’s core technologies and EPCOS’s products and technologies

Power supplies from TDK-Lambda are going to achieve an evolution with a successful addition of TDK’s core technologies (materials technology, process technology, evaluation & simulation technology, production engineering technology), and the products (aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, modules, etc.) and original technologies of EPCOS AG which excels in the industrial sector. Starting with ferrite, materials development has always been a TDK’s area of specialty. Transformer cores from this unique material, combined with the application of advanced winding and coil techniques, allow the production of compact, low-loss power transformers. Furthermore, our circuit design reflects advanced modular technology. These are the reasons why TDK-Lambda can tackle the development of extremely compact and superbly efficient power supplies unsurpassed in the industry.

TDK-EPC Products

A power supply innovation challenge

Pioneering the digitally controlled power supply

By controlling the output voltage digitally, digitally controlled power supplies have the advantages of the more precise control of startup timing and output power, and easier monitoring.R&D at TDK-Lambda stands at the very forefront of these developments. We have already established fully digital control technology using DSP (digital signal processor) chips. The technology is incorporated in the EFE series that went on sale in the spring of 2009.

Pioneering the digitally controlled power supply

Programmable power supply with highest power density in the world

The Genesys series of programmable power supplies features extremely high power density, which allows the realization of high output power in a compact, low profile package. These products are being used in various advanced experimental setups, including green energy testing systems for solar panels.

Programmable power supply with highest power density in the world

Contributions to the realization of low carbon
society with cutting-edge power supply development

TDK-Lambda has developed new bidirectional DC-DC converters, the EZA series, which will serve as an important platform for power conversion in smart grid systems, and for the advanced power storage systems that are necessary for a stable and efficient power supply, it has also commercialized the EVA series standard power supplies designed for charging large capacity storage batteries. Thus, TDK-Lambda has been getting the market fast with cutting-edge power supplies.

Custom made new technology products for medical equipment